Kleynhuis products are thoughtfully designed to be worthy of your limited storage space and valuable time.

Not all products have been designed with the small kitchen (like mine) and its limited storage space in mind. I want to only offer products that promote healthy living, which are also worth the real-estate required to store them. 


The Kleynhuis Greek Yogurt Strainer Pouch, is available in both finely woven organic cotton and easy clean nylon. 

This reusable alternative to cheesecloth turns any colander into an ultra-fine strainer. Simply line your colander with this bowl-shaped, reusable strainer pouch and use it to strain yogurt, broth, jams, cold brew, nut milks, cheese, and other fine foods.

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Check out what Paula from Salad in a Jar has to say about the Kleynhuis Pouch! Read her honest review, plus browse all of her other practical recipes and tips. She and her web site are packed with great ideas.

Videos & Tutorials

I love to share my tips and techniques for using my products. Check out these videos on how to make homemade yogurt using the stovetop/oven method as well as the super-easy Instant Pot Ultra method. Straining yogurt with a Kleynhuis Strainer Pouch makes turning your homemade yogurt into Greek yogurt a snap. Here’s how.

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