Products I personally use and love . . .

I now make all my yogurt in an Instant Pot Ultra. I love this model because I can use custom settings like heating the milk to 197°F and incubating at 104°F (the lowest temperature setting). 

Positively Probiotic Heirloom Yogurt Starters are FANTASTIC! The starter you use for your yogurt will GREATLY affect the taste outcome. The quality and care that have gone into this product can’t be beat.

I love how these silicone-wrapped orange Tulid Lids look on my yogurt-filled, blue mason jars. 

I learned the science behind yogurt-making and other food hows and whys in Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking. This book is fascinating!

My favorite Organic Coconut Milk for when I make As-You-Like-it Curry.

I use Frontier Ceylon Cinnamon for all my recipes. It’s so flavorful!

Just a teaspoon of Blue Cattle Truck Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste makes a batch of my homemade yogurt EXTRA fancy.

My husband is addicted to these sugar-free Spry Xylitol Mints. His dentist recommended these for the oral health benefits and they taste great! Try the multi-pack first to see which is your favorite flavor.

We are mostly gluten-free with minimal grains at our house. We are in love with zoodles, and Homarden’s Vegetable Spiral Slicer is convenient, compact and works great! 

I love Bar Keepers Friend for keeping my stainless steel pots and pans bright and shiny.