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Create more space in your medicine cabinet!

I wish I could give credit to the blog writer who gave me this idea, but it’s been too long. But I’m very grateful to whomever it was because since implementing this little space-saving idea, organizing my medicine cabinet has been so much easier.

We all have those little necessary metal gadgets that clutter up the shelves. So, what if you could get them off the shelf but still have them easily accessible while making more room for all the other stuff that has to fit in there. The solution? Magnets.

After I heard about this idea, off to the hardware store I went to get some high powered, wide magnets. I glued them to the back of my cabinet with some crazy glue. I then painted the inside of the cabinet so the magnets would blend in and it would all look fresh and clean.

Now my hubby and I can always find the fingernail clippers and scissors, and we have more room for everything else! And Chip likes all the shiny things all in one place!

If I were to do this project again, I would have glued my magnets higher, giving myself even more room underneath them. So I would advise first arranging everything without the metal things, then decide where to glue your magnets. I think I emptied the cabinet and just glued the magnets in the middle. But nonetheless, this is still one of my very favorite space-saving projects!